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Meet Stephanie Gitkin Hawk

Stephanie Gitkin Hawk is obsessed…but in a good way. As owner of Cobalt Digital Marketing, she’s made it her professional goal to provide results-oriented digital solutions for all of her clients. And with over decades of experience in business development, international marketing, retail, and startups it’s a safe bet to say Stephanie knows what she’s doing.

Stephanie’s digital marketing story started when she became the Digital Marketing Director at Imagine It Studios. It was a direct extension of the work she had previously done to market manufacturers, retailers and even the City. In fact, she says all paths in her life led to this perfect blend of business, strategy, creativity, marketing, and analysis. Her passion showed in her work and she was able to drive sales growth by 86% in her first two years there and ultimately 150%.

Experience: 25+ Years


Phone: 956-303-6555