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Meet Mauricio Piña

From Aviation Electronic Technician, then to Chief Technology Officer, to ultimately becoming the owner of Cobalt Digital Marketing, Mauricio’s technological savvy and dexterity has meant success for his clients. Mauricio’s professional ventures began during his stint in the US Navy, where he served as Aviation Electronic Technician for nearly 4 years. Following this amazing experience, Mauricio initiated his first start-up, SM UNIQUE. His proficiency in business and technology, led to his company designing, hosting, and maintaining dozens of websites.

Opening Cobalt Digital Marketing, Mauricio is on the warpath, utilizing all those years of experiences to provide the world with a digital marketing force unseen before. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap digital marketing services in a single bound. It’s the tech superhero – Mauricio Pina.

Experience: 25+ Years


Phone: 956-566-4998